Should we fast?

Every year we are faced with the question of how to approach the fast days surrounding the destruction of Jerusalem.  The city is no longer in ruins, yet the Temple is not there.  How does that impact the coming fasts (17th of Tammuz & 9th of Av).  Here is a fascinating article dealing with this question.  It is hosted on the website of Bar Ilan University, a great site for divrei torah on the parasha and Jewish life in general.

Do you find fasting a meaningful tool to remind you of the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem?

Does fasting help you examine yourself and begin a process of teshuvah?

Can you imagine another ritual that may be helpful in that regard?


4 Responses to Should we fast?

  1. doni says:

    personally, i do not find fasting meaningful at all. i feel like my dislike of fasting prevents me from acheiving a higher level of teshuva. i dont know why, tho.

  2. Rabbi Fox says:

    Fasting does not always work for me either. I have found the most meaningful fasts to be Yom Kippur and Yom ha-Shoah. In those two, very different instances, the lack of food helps me to focus on the significance of the day.

    My advice – quit the caffine and get up early to have breakfast!

  3. Evenewra says:

    Powerade is ESSENTIAL the day before.

  4. Mark says:

    great article. thank you

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