Fasting Today

It has been pointed out to me by my friend and colleague, Rabbi Barry Gelman that given the present situation in Israel, even according to Rabbenu Chananel’s understanding we may be required to fast.

In peacetime, that is, as long as the
Temple exists, the fast days will be times of joy and happiness.   If there are harsh decrees of a foreign government, then there is to be fasting; if there is no decree but there is no peace, such as now, at the present time [my emphasis], those who wish to fast may fast, and those who wish not to fast need not fast.


It is indeed sad and scary that we are living in a time of

“harsh decrees of a foreign government”

May we all soon merit to know true peace in Israel and around the world.


One Response to Fasting Today

  1. Evenewra says:

    Welcome back to the blogosphere!

    I was unable to think of anything to write in connection with the last entry, but certainly the situation in Israel made me want to fast (even though I was physically unable to). It’s astonishing that this situation is happening NOW during the three weeks. We are easily comfortable and have difficulty identifying with the tragedies of our temple losses, but when more tragedy happens RIGHT NOW on the same day, it is both terrifying and awe-inspiring. Terrifying because it makes the past tragedies feel real. Awe-inspiring because somehow this therefore fits into Hashem’s plan.

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