Girls in Trouble

It is rare for new Jewish music to actually be new.  Alicia Jo Rabins has created something very new and creative with her new albumn.  Each song is a commentary on a Biblical story in which there is a female main character.  The album needs a Rashi in order to figure out every song.  Can you figure out every song?  Here is a link a brief article on Jdub.

Here is a song from the perspective of Yiftach’s daughter:


One Response to Girls in Trouble

  1. girls in trouble says:

    Thanks for the shout-out, Rabbi Jeff!We would love to come perform and teach in your community.
    Just one small detail: Alicia’s middle name is Jo, not Job. Ordinarily we wouldn’t correct this, but it seems like asking for trouble to leave that up, given the subject matter.

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