Yoma 74b – 75a: R. Ami & R. Assi; The Manna

This is a shiur on masechet yoma page 74b to 75a.  The gemara in the beginning of the eighth chapter of Yoma, in seeking a definition of the term inuy turns to the manna. There was a citation from the Sifra on acharei mot chapter 7 that concluded with a teaching from Rebbi Yishmael that linked the language of inuy from the manna to the concept of inuy Yom Kippur.  In its simplest form the manna came as a result of hunger, so too, on Yom Kippur, part of the definition of inuy is hunger (See Rashi and Tosefet Yom ha-Kippurim for a more detailed analysis of the two are related).  This shiur picks up as the gemara is beginning a lengthy aggadic tangent on the manna.  Before we get there, we first meet a few debates between Rebbi Ami and Rebbi Assi.

You can find the text of the gemara that we are learning in this doc.

Here is the audio file from the shiur.

Yoma 74b to 75a – Mann – 1 26 10


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