Melton – Conversion

In this session we dealt with the gemara in Yevamot 24b that begins to raise the question of what are the healthy reasons to convert.  The mishna describes the case of a woman converting for the sake of marriage.  The gemara understands that this is less than ideal, however the conversion remains valid after the fact.

Subsequently, we began a theoretical discussion about the status and authority of decisions made by the beit din.  Does a Jewish court have the ability to create physical reality in the world.  For example, if the beit din says that a piece of meat is kosher and it is later discovered to have been not kosher – what is the status of the piece of meat.

The authority of the beit din is a flash point issue in the contemporary conversion controversy.  Understanding the parameters of the retro-active annulment of a decision made by a beit din is not simple.  (I will place a link to the source material when I return to my desk top computer.)

Conversion – Sec 1 – 1 27 10

Conversion – Sec 2 – 1 27 10


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