Shoftim 17 to 21 Conclusion and Summary

These three concluding shiurim contain a close readings of the last five chapters of the Book of Shoftim – the stories of Micha’s idol and the concubine of Giveah – as well as an attempt to offer a deeper prophetic message to the entire book.

The two concluding narratives describe the decline of the Jewish People into idolatry, murder and immoral sexual behavior.  They violate the three prohibitions for which one is commanded to give up their own life rather than sin.  Ultimately, the book concluded with a civil war and the almost completer decimation of tribe of Benjamin.

What makes these stories even more puzzling is that they (likely) took place at some point near the beginning of the period of the Shoftim.  The grandsons of Moshe and Aharon are still alive, so presumably these events took place some time soon after the death of Joshua.

The Book of Shoftim clearly sets up the framework in which the Jewish People need a strong centralized government.  It is Chana and then ultimately Shmuel who steps into that gap and brings about  political, religious and educational reform.  There was one point in the period of the Shoftim in which we could have had a king – the Shofet Gidon has the potential to unify the Jewish People and perhaps bring order to where there was chaos.

The audio was divided into three parts.

Shoftim 17 – 18 Micha’s Idol

Shoftim 19 – 21 Concubine of Giveah

Shoftim – Summary Prophetic Message of the Book


One Response to Shoftim 17 to 21 Conclusion and Summary

  1. Joshua says:

    I like the stories of Micha’s Idol. The Prophetic Message is worth remembering.
    This is Joshua from Israeli Uncensored News

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