Yoma – 85a – Mishna – Teshuva

Our HIR Gemara shiur is back in swing for the Fall.  We will be learning the teshuva material at the end of masechet yoma for the yontif season and will be switching to the seventh chapter of masechet shabbat and focusing on the laws of Shabbat for the remainder of the year.

The main issue that I want to bring out is the power of Yom Kippur to effect teshuva / kapara of its own accord – without the actions of the individual.  The commonly held notion of teshuva comes along with an intense process of introspection and changing jaded ways.  Do we had a notion akin to grace within the Talmudic tradition?  How does that possibility impact the way we relate to the High Holiday season?

This is a powerful piece on the nature of the day of Yom Kippur within the Torah of Rav Kook.

At this link you can see the texts that we studied.

You can also listen to the shiur by clinking on the link below:

85b – Mishna – Asham Taluy


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