Yoma 86a – Matya ben Charash – 4 Levels of Attonement

In this shiur we discussed the famous gemara that outlines the four levels of kapara.  We also looked at the various parallel sugyot:

  1. Avot d’Rebbi Natan (nusach a) chapter 29
  2. Tosefta, Yoma (Lieberman) chapter 4:6-8
  3. Mechilata d’Rebbi Yishmael, Yitro – Masechta d’Bachodesh – 7
  4. Yerushalmi, Yoma, Chapter 8:4, Page 45b

You can see all those texts at this link.

We discussed at length both the function of suffering as well as the significance of the location of this discussion.  Why would Rebbe Matya ben Charash go to Rome to learn about teshuva?  Why might the Yerushalmi have changed the location simply to “the yeshiva?”  Clearly the Yerushalmi was trying to communicate something significant about the location by making this shift.

We also began a discussion about the gemara’s definition of hillul hashem.  That text can be found at this link.

You can hear the audio at the link below:

Yoma 86a – Rav Matya ben Charash in Rome – the four division of repentance


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