Hilkhot Shabbat – Daber Davar #1 – Yeshivat Maharat

This is the opening shiur of our year long study of Hilkhot Shabbat.  We addressed the specific question of daber davar – appropriate speech on Shabbat. This was an opening for a more general discussion of the concept of shevut and the way that plays out in Halakhik literature.  It will also open the door to the next sugya, amira l’nochri.

We discussed the exciting teshuva of the Terumat ha-deshen that addresses talking about politics in shul.  While he permits, the Rema and the Taz limit the scope in certain ways.  This lead to a fascinating discussion about what might be an appropriate sermon for Shabbat or Yontif (with apologies to Rabbi Weiss).

When dealing with the question of speech we are setting up a certain way of relating to the day of Shabbat.  We also had reference to a more ascetic type of approach that appears in the Yerushalmi, Vayikra Rabba and Zohar which attempts to limit speech in a more fundamental way.  This Zohar will come back in the Magen Avraham’s citation of the Sefer Chasidim.

You can see the mekorot for this shiur at this link.

There were some technical difficulties with the video conference which distract from the audio, but I am posting regardless so that you can review if needed.

Daber Davar (1)

Daber Davar (2)


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