Alei Shur – Mussar Shiur #3 – Yeshivat Maharat

In this paragraph Rav Wolbe introduces an important concept to which he returns a number of times through out his work – the importance of individuality.  Every human being must understand their own place in the world – that the world was created for me.  He works off the very important Mishna in Sanhedrin 4:5 (link).

I have heard Rabbi Yitz Greenberg teach this Mishna on a number of occasions. He outlines three fundamental values that emerge from this passage: 1) The infinite value of every human being, 2) the complete equality of every human being, 3) the unique nature of every human being.  This grows from the core notion that every human being was created b’tzelem elohim, in the divine image.  Rav Wolbe uses this Mishna to bring out the importance of human individuality.

Alei Shur – v2 shaar 3 chapter 12 – hodesh harachamin (3)


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