Amira leino yehudi #1 – di’orayta vs. di’rabanan – sevarot

In this opening shiur on Amira l’nochri we dealt with two main issues: the force of the prohibition and the reason(s) behind it.  First we shared the unique approach of the Yeraim who holds that Amira l’nochri is an actual Torah prohibition.  While this is an extreme minority opinion it does make one pause when potentially acting on the more accepted understanding of amira l’nochri shevut.

Our second issue was giving three different sevarot for the porhibition:

1) Daber Davar (Rashi1)

2) Shlichut (Rashi2)

3) Gezeira (Rambam)

There are important nafka minot that result from the different approaches – especially as it relates to speech before and during Shabbat.

You can see all of the mekorot at this link.

In addition you can see a shorter packet on just the reasons here.

The audio of the shiur can be heard at the link below:

Amira l’eino Yehudi – diorayta or drabbanan – sevarot


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