Yoma 86a-b – The Greatness of Teshuva

In this shiur we analyzed the “gedola teshuva” section of the last chapter of Yoma.  In order to make clear how the derashot were working we began with an analysis of the Pesukim from Hoshea 14 an Jeremaiah 3.  The word plays that Hazal make are slight, yet very sharp.

We also spent time on the version of the Gemara as quoted from Rashi.  It is interesting to note that the Dikdukei Soferim (page 148 note 90)  has an extended foot-note on different versions of the Gemara.  My sense is that Rashi’s version has something very different to offer in the way that it presents the relationship between hashem and the sinner / penitent.  (See also the tosefet yom ha-kippurim for an analysis of Rashi’s girsa).

For Rashi, the relationship between hashem and human beings is in place even prior to the act teshuva.

The conclusion of the sugya, the berayta from Rebbi Meir, brings teshuva into the realm of the individual.  What we may have thought to be a national event, has now become the provenance of each and every human being.  May we all merit the experience of true inner teshuva that brings about a real change in our lives for the better.

You can see the mekorot that we studied at this link.

Here is the audio from the shiur:

Yoma 86 a b – Gedola Teshuva


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