Masechet Shabbat – Where do the Candles Belong

In this shiur we worked through the sources that describe the location of the Hannukah candles – how high? how low? left or right?  This occasioned the citation of one of the few mishnayot that make passing mention of Hannukah.  In Bava Kama the placing of the candles outside the door of the shop is something that people should expect in the public.

The Gemara seems to have a progression from outside to inside regarding the location of the candles.  In addition there develops the notion of the individual’s responsibility to light and therefore the concern that an outsider will think that you did not light.

It is also interesting to note the pivotal role that Rava plays in these sugyot.

You can find the mekorot (gemara and rishonim) that we studied at this link.

Where to Put the Candles – house and public


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