Prayer – Radical Truth and Ultimate Silence

These two shiurim dealt with a series of mekorot that are very important in understanding the intimacy of the encounter that we will find in the tefilah of volume two of the Alei Shur.  Here we are introduced to the notion that we are simply not permitted to say words unless they were formulated by the Rabbis. Even within that framework, if the work appear false to us, then we may not falsely flatter God who is ultimate a God of truth.  The truth that Hazal were speaking of were questions of theology.  We discussed questions of history (like nachem on 9 AV).  This text raises serious questions about what people who simply do not believe out to say.

This then lead to place where we simply could not praise God outside of the context of Prayer.  This type of radical truth and ultimate silence leads to a certain level of distance between human beings and our creator.  As we proceed forward in the Alei Shur we will encounter a very different relationship between us and God.

You can find the source material at this link.

Here are the two audio files:

Truth and Silence in Prayer – #1

Truth and Silence in Prayer – #2


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