Alei Shur – v. 2 – Hakdama l’vaadim b’inyan tefila

In this session we concluded Rav Wolbe’s introduction to the Va’adim on Tefilah. He explains that his goal in these shiurim is not to explain the various component parts of tefilah and their meaning.  Rather, Rav Wolbe’s goal is to give over a method and approach to prayer that we can then apply ourselves.

If only more teachers in the Modern Orthodox Day School system would focus on a method and approach to prayer over the exact meaning and pronunciation of the words.  It seems that schools are so concerned with metrics that can be evaluated: can you read and translate with precision; that they are sacrificing the spiritual connections that children (and adults) can make in the tefilah setting.  If only schools could use those 20 to 30 minutes to actually build a relationship between the students and hashem, if only…

Alei Shur – Hakdama lvaadim binyan tefila (conclusion)


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