Shehiya – Psak – 253

April 12, 2011

In this shiur we used the machloket between the Ba’al ha-Maor and the Ramban to set up two different approaches to the debate of Chananya and the Chachamim – not only in terms of bottom line psak, but also how we are meant to understand Chananya.  According to the Ba’al ha-Maor Chananya, while permitting leaving something that is only partially cooked (MBD) on an open flame from before Shabbat, this is only true if the item will burn.  This stringent read of  Chanania is strange conceptually though it may have textual support.  The Ramban reads Chananya as permitting leaving something on an open fire even if the food will improve over the course of Shabbat.

We showed that the second opinion in Shulchan Aruch 253:1 is the lenient approach to Chananya – and this is how the Rema paskens as well.  We also worked through some of the basic issues brought up through the lens of the Mishna Berura.

Here is the audio:

Shehiya – Ba’al ha-maor Ramban with 253 and bottom line Psak